The National Chief Imam Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu has described the controversial Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum.

According to him, Islamic teachings do not tolerate the exposure of children below age 10 to sex education.

“We would like to state unequivocally that the Islamic Community does not accept any form of educating minors and pupils on sexuality. In our estimation, such a move is an attempt to hide behind educational reforms to brainwash the pupils with LGBT agenda. Ideally, Islamic jurisprudence recommends that sexual education be introduced to children above the age of 10. This is the time the children are expected to begin to understand the socio-moral consequences of the choice of sex orientation.”

“We, therefore, urge the sector Ministry and GES to consider a broad consultation with relevant stakeholders on the implementation of the controversial policy.”

“We appeal to the Ministry and GES to drop that satanic agenda in the interest of national cohesion and moral promotion,” the Chief Imam said in a statement.”

The statement also urged the Ghana Education Service to embark on broad consultation on the matter before any attempt at implementation.

It comes after the massive public uproar against the sex education initiation with some Ghanaians calling on the education ministry to withdraw it.

For instance, the Concerned Teachers Association of Ghana says teachers in the country are not aware of the controversial curriculum which is starting next academic year.

According to them, claims by the Ghana Education Service that teachers have been briefed about the curriculum are untrue.